Tieto Value for life


No option for duality
The old is where we come
Clockspeed is fast, but we'll survive
The new will overcome
We are challengers, not followers
We take the ball to build
Easy safe services
Are here to stay

Value for society
Value for life
For you and me
Tieto is here allright!

Real heros are the ones
Who keep us safe
Life without worries or hate
You and me in safe place
Analytics, machine learning
Security needs
Start-up culture, everywhere
Winners take it all

Value for society ...

Smart city is the place
To get a happy life
Young and old, everybody
Healthy active life
Soon buildings think themselves
Cars drive on their own
Robots helps us everywhere
It's coming to your door

SOTE Reform, New Counties
Citizen at the center
Digital is the way
Better outcomes for all
Empathy respectfully
Customers and us
Experience guides our way
Emotions find the best

:,: Value for society ... ;.;



Tiedon markkinointimateriaalia vuodelta 2017. Tieto itse veti videon pois alle tunnissa Youtube-julkaisusta, mutta onneksi internetistä ei mikään häviä. Varoitus: Karsinogeeninen! (EDIT: robots helps[sic] us everywhere)


Value for life





Juha: Videon teksteissä sanotaan "Experience quides [sic] our way", vaadin korjausta.
sig: Saispa esim. Skeletor Fan Clubin remixistä vielä Robotic Liberation remixin, eli kaikki äänet vocoderin läpi chiptuneksi
Value for you and me: Kukas näppärä väsäisi tästä puhelimen soittoäänen?